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Willemin 408MT: How This 5-Axis CNC Machine Helps the Human Body

Have you ever wondered where the high-precision parts surgeons use come from? And who manufactures these medical parts to such tight tolerances and specifications? The answer is SPM, with the help of our Willemin 408MT 5-axis CNC machines.

It’s our job to pour over every little detail of each medical and dental component we produce. That’s why we own six Willemin 408MT machining centers and one Willemin 508MT—with another two on the way. These 5-axis machines allow us to supply our customers with the life-saving medical parts they need to keep the world healthy.

A real-world example of 5-axis CNC machining

If left untreated, severe scoliosis can lead to significant spinal deformity, resulting in pain and damage to internal organs. This condition is caused by abnormal development of the bones in your spine and nearly always requires surgery. That surgical treatment begins in our shop in Wheeling, IL.

Before the bones in your spinal column are attached to a titanium rod, the precision components needed for that procedure must be perfectly machined to exact specifications. Surgeons don’t need to know how the parts in their hands have come to be the right size and shape. That’s not their job—it’s ours.

SPM makes the spinal hooks, bone plates, and other implants required to perform surgeries like this one. These medical components must be made with body-friendly materials that are often the most difficult to machine.

How the Willemin 408MT machine works

We use various state-of-the-art machines at SPM, but the Willemin 408MT is our showstopper. This impressive 5-axis CNC machine is what allows SPM to do its part in helping the human body function and allowing medical professionals to save lives.

The Willemin 408MT is a powerful machine that creates tight-tolerance parts for many medical and dental applications. At SPM, we most frequently use it to manufacture:

  • Acetabular cups, femoral stems, and bone plates for orthopedic surgeons
  • Grippers and clevises for robotic surgery
  • Implants and abutments for the dental industry

Orthopedic Machining

For complex bone fractures, it’s often more desirable to repair the fracture with internal fixation, where the doctor sets and stabilizes the bones. During this procedure, the broken bone is reset to normal alignment and held together with implants, such as plates, screws, or nails.

This type of surgery reduces the possibility of the bone healing incorrectly. The procedure is often minimally invasive, resulting in shorter hospital stays and less trauma to the injury. SPM’s precision parts enable this surgery to be successful.

Medical Machining

In addition to scoliosis, spinal fusion surgeries are performed for various back problems. The bone plates, bone screws, and spinal hooks used must be manufactured to very tight specifications from materials, such as titanium, cobalt-chrome, or stainless steel.

These materials are tough and resistant to corrosion, making them difficult to machine. They must have a perfect surface finish and high three-dimensional accuracy. The Willemin 5-axis CNC machines we use at SPM accomplish this with ease.

Dental Machining

It’s hard to imagine life before oral surgery became safe and accessible. The world has come a long way from wooden teeth to fully realistic dental implants.

There are many reasons why someone might lose a tooth. When that happens, it can change the shape of the jaw over time. This can cause difficulty when chewing or swallowing and potentially lead to further health issues, such as vascular disease.

SPM manufactures the implants and abutments necessary for this procedure. Thanks to our expert machining, today’s dental implants are long-lasting and won’t decay.

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