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Trends in Manufacturing for 2015

At Swiss Precision Machining, we know that you shouldn’t concentrate on the past, and that you must always be looking ahead. While we have built a modern, successful manufacturing company with a reputation for quality and value, we know that this can only be maintained by keeping an eye towards the future, and by seeing trends and adapting to changes. So what changes do we have our eyes on for the upcoming year?
• The Cloud – The cloud has become an essential part of the tool kit of manufacturing companies, allowing the sharing of data between facilities, as well as the manufacturer and client. This will help to improve quality control and performance management of manufacturing.

• The Internet of Things – A relatively new idea, the internet of things allows for network control and management of equipment and assets. This allows for faster manufacturing, the automation of process controls and operator tools, and the optimization of production. This is caused by sensors working together. While this may increase automation, it will also increase the demand for workers with a science and engineering education.

• The Impact of Social Media on Business Model Innovation – Year in and year out, changes in social media and increased usage means that we as manufacturers need to continue to make it a bigger part of our business. It has changed how we interact and communicate with customers, and it will continue to grow, changing the way we deal with business-to-business marketing.

• Increase in Capital Investment – We expect to see this happen mainly in capital equipment, as older legacy equipment is phased out in favor of modern, upgraded equipment. This new equipment will make use of the changes in technology, and will require a flexible work force able to adapt to changes in processes. Of course, it will also produce a more efficient company, and allow manufacturers to turn out better, more exact products in a more efficient manner.
Of course, these are only four of the many trends we see playing a major role over the course of 2015. These are trends that we are already seeing at Swiss Precision Machining, and are already having an impact on how we do business. We look forward to further evolving with these trends, to continue to give our customers the great service and quality products they should expect.