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The evolution of manufacturing, and why we’re seeing such growth

As you probably already know, the manufacturing sector has fluctuated pretty frequently over the years. But that has recently changed, and the industry is now on a steady uptick. The Institute for Supply Management’s (ISM) manufacturing index is now at a record-breaking 54.2% of business activity, which is much higher than their original prediction, and at the highest percentage since June 2011. Manufacturing is in a great place right now – and it’s evidenced by the fact that 15 out of 18 industries in ISM’s report have reported growth in the month of February.

For the most part, Swiss Precision has been lucky enough to have experienced growth during the majority of the recession. In particular, we’ve seen lots of growth in the medical industry – and that’s because if you need an operation, you need one no matter what. But now it seems that every industry is starting to pick up. Everyone’s busy, and everyone needs products now. Lead times are non-existent.

We’re fortunate enough to be open for business 6-7 days per week, and we’ve realized that it’s going the extra mile that keeps customers satisfied. Whether it’s juggling multiple projects simultaneously or using great time management skills it’s important to keep everyone happy.

Technology is also a factor. There are a multitude of advancements in numerous areas of manufacturing occurring. Keeping up with the latest machine styles is what has kept us at the forefront of technology. 50 years ago, manufacturers had to go through a few machines in order to complete a project. Now, machines go up to 11-axis, and can complete jobs much faster. There’s multiple axis live tooling for different processes — so you can drill, mill, thread, broach, etc., without using secondary machinery. That’s what the evolution of CNC machining throughout the years has brought forth.

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