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18 Jan: Precision Parts for Robotic Surgery

Ask Colleen Shirey and she’ll tell you that robotic surgery is the only way to go. Robotically-assisted surgical devices are changing the experience of surgery for both doctors and patients with minimally invasive, robot-assisted technology. Robotic surgical systems allow surgeons to work through a few small incisions using tiny instruments and precise motion control inside the patient’s body. When Colleen needed surgery on her mitral valve because of an infection, her doctor recommended using a robotic surgical system. Her operation…

29 Jul: Robotic Surgery Parts and Components

Robotic surgery has made waves and is already altering the medical landscape for the better. The robotic surgery concept is still relatively new, but the process of robots taking over the manual motions of surgery from a trained surgeon has been growing in popularity and use.  At Swiss Precision Machining, LLC we produce the high quality parts and components that are used in the robotic surgery process. What is Robotic Surgery? Robotic surgery is minimally invasive. This means that many…

09 Feb: The Medical Industry is Growing & Swiss Precision Machining, LLC is Ready

Unprecedented demand for medical equipment and healthcare services are forecasted for the very near future. In fact, the medical industry is booming, and is considered to be “recession-proof” because of its importance. The aging population is probably one of the most significant trends affecting the medical industry right now. Recent news reports quote U.S. Census Bureau statistics and forecasts stating that by the year 2020, the number of people between the ages of 65 and 74 will increase 74 percent….

03 Jun: Medical Trends: Robotic Surgery Growth

The miracles of science, technology, and healthcare have all converged in the form of robotic surgery over the past few years.  It is not that doctors are being replaced by robots, but rather, precise and extremely tiny surgical procedures are being undertaken with the use of robotic surgical tools. The increased use of robotic surgery is providing patients with robot-assisted minimally invasive procedures for a wide range of conditions.  These computer assisted surgeries usually require several small incisions which provide…