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passivation tanks used to protect against corrosion

16 Apr: Passivation Protects Against Corrosion

Corrosion The word corrode comes from the Latin “corrodo which means ‘I gnaw (to pieces)’, from cor- (‘completely’) + rodo (‘I gnaw’). According to the Google dictionary, corrode means to “destroy or damage slowly by chemical action”. Certainly, no one wants to see that happen to an important metal component part of a critical device, machine, or structure. It’s why passivation is important. According to ASM International, the “corrosion of steel reinforcing bar (rebar) in concrete can proceed out of…

partnership how we partner

18 Jul: How We Partner With Clients

There are a lot of companies that claim they partner with their clients, but what does that actually mean? At SPM we aim to form a true partnership with every client we work with and it means a few different, but very specific things to us. Partnership True partnership can’t be one-sided. The components of a great partnership – communication, transparency, designing for manufacturability, timeliness, and quality are things that both SPM and SPM clients bring to the table. Communication…

ISO 13485 Certification Machining

07 Aug: Certified Medical Machining by SPM

At SPM, our team prides themselves on machining the best CNC Swiss Precision machined part possible for every client, on every job. To ensure we’re delivering the best machining services the industry can offer, we regularly pursue certifications and examinations of those services. Our Chicago based machine shop has two important ISO certifications, ISO 9001 and ISO 13485. An ISO certification is provided by the International Organization for Standardization which is an international, non-governmental group which sets standards of service…

SPM-ISO certification

18 May: ISO 9001 Certified Machining

When we say “Precision is the name and the heart of our company,” we mean it. At Swiss Precision Machining, LLC, our team is dedicated to ensuring the parts we machine are precisely and perfectly cut every time. Whether we’re machining dental tools, aerospace components or parts for surgical robotics, each and every part is machined to last. At SPM we’re always looking for innovative ways to improve overall part builds and quality control on our machine shop floor. That…