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STEM Is Vital To Precision Machining

The Need For STEM
The fact is this: Without an educated and skilled pool of domestic workers, firms such as Swiss Precision Machining, LLC would soon cease to exist. It is vital that we, as concerned citizens and certainly as parents, encourage those who are leaders in education to institute a vigorous national agenda promoting a focus on the academic disciplines of science, technology, engineering and mathematics, aka “STEM.”

Our Future
The future prospects of our nation’s children are dependent upon this. STEM is what will prepare them for a future that will be ever more connected to the training and education that is required for fields such as computer science (always growing exponentially), electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, information sciences and systems, computer engineering, and economics, to name just a few.

According to the U.S. Department of Labor, way back in 2009, eight out of the ten most desired employees were types who were represented within STEM related fields. Since 2009 this trend surely has only accelerated and will certainly continue to do so in the future.

What is Swiss Precision Machining, LLC?
For over thirty years, Swiss Precision Machining, LLC has manufactured custom precision parts from customer blueprints for a variety of industries. SPM started as a small machine shop with only three Swiss-style cam machines and now has more than sixty different machines! As technology has changed, SPM has changed with it and grown by purchasing, devolving, and mastering advanced machines and their software.

Contact us to learn more about out CNC Swiss Machining and CNC Vertical Machining services. We will strive to continue to provide stellar service and hope you join us in supporting the STEM movement.

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