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SPM’s 40th Anniversary: 2020 In Review

It’s been a year like no other. Against the backdrop of a global pandemic, Swiss Precision Machining, LLC celebrated its 41st year in business. We didn’t stop for a minute, continuing to serve our customers with the quality we pride ourselves in and the quality they’ve come to expect. As we look back, here are some of the highlights from our 40th anniversary.

As the year began, we were excited to welcome Sales Manager, Stephanie LaVezzi to the company in February. Stephanie came to use from LaVezzi Precision and brought her extensive knowledge of medical machining with her. Stephanie spends her time getting to know our existing customers, working on quotes with the engineers, and bringing on new major customers. With the new customers, 2020 brought many new projects to SPM and we stayed focused on working efficiently to meet our customers’ expectations perfectly. 

In March, COVID-19 hit and on March 23, 2020, many of our employees moved to working remotely. Like so many others, we needed to quickly master the art of virtual meetings. We needed to be creative about bringing on new customers and new projects. We have learned how to do virtual facility tours and remote audits. While we miss being face-to-face, we’re proud of everyone at SPM for stepping up and embracing the challenges.

We were especially proud at the midway point of the year when Vice President of Operations, Cassie Haupers, was named one of Production Machining Magazine’s 2020 Emerging Leaders in July. The award must have been a forecast of things to come, because in November of this year she was named President of SPM. 

November was a month of exciting news on another front as SPM joined forces with Vander-Bend Manufacturing in California. This partnership will allow us to scale up at a faster pace and better serve the growing needs of our customers and prospective customers. 

Finally, we were especially thankful that we were able to stay fully staffed during the COVID-19 lock-downs. Management and employees worked together so that no one was laid off. Our new customers kept us busy and as COVID restrictions have eased, we’ve been able to return to serving our current customers as they ramp their businesses back up. 

It’s been a challenging year. We look back on it with gratitude to our customers and our employees for their courage in the face of an uncertain future. We’ve grown as a company and have never felt more prepared to welcome a new year. 

2021 — we’re ready for you.