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SPM Offers CNC Swiss Laser Machining

Swiss Precision Machining Inc. is a Chicago based machining business. Since their start in 1979 SPM Swiss has always worked to maintain the highest levels of quality and stay on the forefront of technology. Likely the reason they have made such an impact on the industry and still have clients today from their start almost 40 years ago. Their machines offer a vast amount of manufacturing capabilities including milling, turning, drilling, boring, knurling, threading, and contouring, to name a few. Just recently Swiss Precision Machining has begun to scale once again, moving into a larger 82,000 sq. ft. facility with plans to delve into new industries and offer even more services.

SPM is excited to announce they now offer CNC Swiss Laser capabilities. So, what is CNC Swiss Laser machining? Typical CNC Swiss machines are a lathe style turning machine that spins the metal bar stock and use specific tools and bits to cut the material as it turns at high speeds. CNC Swiss Laser machining combines all of the above capabilities with the addition of laser cutting. While the typical CNC Swiss process is quite productive, the addition of the new laser technology can not only machine the part, but adds a laser cutting operation without having to move the part to a separate laser cutting machine. In fact, in some cases the new laser machine can produce up to five times faster and is more efficient in almost every category. The CNC Swiss Laser machine has been in the works for years. Machine manufactures have spent countless hours perfecting these machines and the technology that goes into them. Just recently have these machines been released to the market and already SPM Swiss Inc. is becoming a master of the art of Swiss machining and laser cutting all on one machine.

SPM’s clients are extremely excited for this new technology and with good reason. Not only do CNC Swiss Laser machines operate faster and with more precision, it also offers entirely new manufacturing abilities. Now SPM can produce even smaller parts and components than ever before. The laser can make precision cuts with absolutely no burrs which was near impossible in the past. Additionally, the new laser machines can get most projects much closer to a final product compared to other methods. Cutting down the need for additional machines, staff, and materials, means faster leader lead times, higher quality products, and all while eliminating costs in the process. These are all things the customer loves about CNC Swiss Laser Machining.

SPM’s CNC Swiss Laser machining is quite literally the cutting edge of tomorrows technology. We see the machining and manufacturing industry beginning to make yet another shift to meet the demands of an evolving society. Drones, automated cars, home robots, leaps in aviation, and medical surgical equipment are all great reasons it’s time for SPM to look ahead in 2017 and beyond.

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