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SPM Introduces New Machines

Swiss Precision Machining, LLC is excited to announce that we are now offering new machines, capabilities, and services. We are always striving to stay on the cutting edge of manufacturing technology and development. Sometimes that means we get to bring in the latest equipment. That time is now!

More often than not our machine shop needs to have the capability to pivot from large quantity machining jobs to smaller orders all without sacrificing the best in machining quality or wasted production times. Not to mention SPM is constantly challenged by evolving technology that demands new machined part types manufactured from a variety of materials. The effect is ever changing variances, variable production times, different stock types, material requirements, and of course the overall finished products. That makes our job a difficult one.

To combat these ever changing demands for major markets including, aviation machining, fluid motion machining, dental machining, and medical machining, SPM has brought on two of the most powerful machining center models on the market today, the Willemin Precision Machining Center – Model 408MT, and the Star CNC Swiss Turning Center – Model SR-32 JII Type B. Each of these machines brings a whole new variety of machining services and capabilities to our Chicago based headquarters.

The Willemin Precision Machining Center is everything we love about our current machining centers plus a whole lot more. Specifically, this process monster is a master of autonomy, thanks to the all-new bar feeder and machined workpiece packaging system. Plus the 408MT offer simultaneous 5-axis production which means the angles of contact are almost limitless. With a bar capacity of Ø32 MM and maximum feed rate of 30 m/min, we are extremely excited to start pushing some metal through this magnificent machine.

After much anticipation, the Star CNC Swiss Turning Center has arrived! This machine is an automatic lathe powerhouse packed with completely updated technology, design, and capabilities. Which makes this machine in high demand. Fortunately enough, SPM has one on the floor right now! The machines overall design was reinvented integrating a modular design so that components of the machine can actually be moved and changed based on the job. Perfect for the ever-evolving world of Swiss turning. The speed rate has also been increased along with the overall power which means more work gets done even faster.

Training is a must for us. While automation helps us to operate more efficiently, quality still starts and ends with our people. SPM has put our team through hands-on training from the manufacturers of each and every machine we operate. Including these awesome new additions to our facility floor in Wheeling, IL. This allows Swiss Precision Machining, LLC to operate safely and continue to serve our clients with the best results possible.

SPM’s goal is to continue to provide leading quality machined parts at an affordable price, all in a time that makes sense for our customers. These amazing new machines give us the ability to produce faster, more efficiently, and offer more complex parts that drop ready to go.

Contact Swiss Precision Machining, LLC with your questions, if you’re looking for a quote, or if you have a project in mind and you’d like to know more about our business. We look forward to hearing from you!

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