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Shaping Quality Dentistry for Over 40 Years

Mike Haupers, President of Swiss Precision Machining, LLC, has been machining dental tools since he was in the seventh grade. His father was a dental instrument maker and ran a machine shop out of their basement. There, Mike learned what it meant to make a quality dental instrument and SPM’s long history of dental tool machining began. “We were doing dental points for scalers. The material was W1 tool steel, which was readily machinable. Then, between my 8th grade and freshman year of high school, they changed over to 440A stainless, which was a totally different ballgame.” – Mike Haupers

Early on, Mike prioritized experimenting with various tools and materials to create the highest quality product possible. That legacy has carried on into how Swiss Precision Machining, LLC operates today. In order to stay on the leading edge of dental machining, we’re constantly keeping an eye on the latest materials, equipment, and technology to ensure that whenever a job comes along, we have the necessary experience to complete it successfully. “We try to stay right on the cutting edge with new materials. When we see a material on the rise, we actually go out and purchase the material. It’s not money poorly spent.”

Our dedication to quality is exemplified by our ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 13485 certifications. They require organizations to demonstrate an ability to consistently meet customer and applicable regulatory requirements.  

While developing quality dental machined tools has always been a priority for SPM, we also understand that our products must be precision-cut, sleek and comfortable to use.

From the early days of grinding tools out of steel in a basement to the current day of using computer-operated machines to manufacture millions of medical and dental parts a year, Swiss Precision Machining, LLC has a long history of shaping quality dentistry.

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