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Robotic Surgery Parts and Components

Robotic surgery has made waves and is already altering the medical landscape for the better. The robotic surgery concept is still relatively new, but the process of robots taking over the manual motions of surgery from a trained surgeon has been growing in popularity and use.  At Swiss Precision Machining, LLC we produce the high quality parts and components that are used in the robotic surgery process.

What is Robotic Surgery?

Robotic surgery is minimally invasive. This means that many surgical operations that required large and tedious incisions can now be performed through quarter inch gashes that provide an ingress point for small and precisely made instruments manipulated by robotic end effectors or arms. Thus the incisions heal much faster, the associated blood loss is expected to reduce drastically, and patients will need to spend less time recovering as a result of the procedure. Also robotic arms allow surgeons the luxury of performing the hand movements which are then picked up, cleaned for natural tremors and translated by the effectors for accuracy like never before.

Swiss Precision Machining, LLC, LLC Has the Required Capabilities:

A market leader in the field of precision and vertical machining, we are trusted by the medical industry for the production of parts and tools that are durable and compliant with strict specs. Our machining capabilities allow us to make robotic surgery parts that most in the industry cannot. These capabilities include drilling, turning, milling, boring, knurling and threading and the following:

  1. We maintain quality assurance throughout manufacturing, de-burring the tools to remove excess material and passivating the implements to ensure resistance to corrosion.
  1. We focus on a smooth finish of the intricately machined tools so that surgeries are not accompanied by accidental tissue abrasion.
  1. Our tools can withstand repeated sterilizations and continuous exertions of a complicated surgery.

At Swiss Precision Machining, LLC we have completed multiple projects for the medical and surgical industries including the production of Steel Gimbal Lock Plates, Stainless Steel Tube Adapters and Plastic Flush Plugs.  For more information about our capabilities and services for machining parts for the robotic surgery industry, please contact us.

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