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Precision Manufacturing: Built On Diversity

Swiss Precision Machining, LLC thrives on diversity. We are a team of people from many backgrounds with a wide variety of perspectives. We depend on each other for creative solutions, and are inspired by the dedication each person brings to their work and to our clients. We’d like to take a minute to introduce you to some of SPM’s outstanding employees.

Jack was born in Poland. He started at SPM as an entry-level machine operator in the secondary area doing deburring inspections. Then he moved into the Haas area and began working with the vertical machining centers. He soon became a lead machinist, then a supervisor, and after that a production manager. He took advantage of SPM’s education benefits to study to be an engineer. Now he’s one of our senior engineers. Jack has been with the company more than 20 years and brings his best to the floor every day. 

Another one of our senior engineers, an immigrant from Eastern Europe, started with us as a secondary operator doing sandblasting and threadrolling. Next she learned how to run the machines, and mastered their more complicated aspects. She decided to go to school to become an engineer and excels in her role.

Miguel also started in an entry level position in the secondary area. He worked his way through secondary, moved into the lathes, became a machine operator, and then a set up person. He is now the lead in secondary while still doing setups in the primary CNC machining area. He just recently began doing setups in the Haas area. Miguel is one of our most cross trained employees and is ready, willing and able to jump in wherever he is needed.

Gabby was born in Mexico. She started at SPM as a quality control person. Her first job was on the night shift in a role where she didn’t have any previous experience, and she caught on very quickly. She is now the lead quality control person with the responsibility for making assignments to others on the QC team. Gabby is CCT certified and responsible for calibrations. 

We also have some “former” employees from Poland who had been with us for more than 30 years. They retired, and then came back, and are working 3 or 4 days a week in the secondary area and quality control. They are proof that age is no barrier to precision work. We value their experience and expertise, and they value being around the people they enjoy working with. 

SPM gives people the opportunity to learn and grow. We work hard to open the doors of opportunity and attract a diverse talent pool. We value people’s time and talent and want them to know they are critical to the success of the company. We depend on their ideas and suggestions, especially in engineering. We look to our setup people for things that the engineers may have missed. We are grateful for these important contributions and reward them.

We believe that great employees attract other great employees, and so we have a referral program where an employee can earn a $500 bonus for referring a new hire who stays with the company for at least a year. 

Employees at SPM take pride in what they do and what they produce. They know that they make parts that positively impact people’s lives every day, including precision parts for surgical robots, dental implants, orthopedic implants, and even parts for musical instruments. It’s work that everyone feels wonderful about and takes pride in.