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Precision Machining, No matter What the Industry

Our 30+ years of precision machining experience means we are the go-to choice for countless clients in a number of industries. In fact, it may surprise some to know that our technology and services are utilized for applications ranging from aerospace parts to dental equipment (and lots in between!)

So what makes us capable of this, and how exactly do these industries benefit from our services? Well, beyond our years of finely honed experience, our meticulous focus on quality, and our over 60 in-house machines, we are an ISO 9001:2008 certified company. This means that every year we are audited and accredited by ISO—one of the most demanding and prestigious international organizations for standardization—ensuring we meet the highest quality standards. It also means that we can meet certain requirements specific to different industries.

Within these varied industries, these are some of the ways our services are used:

  • Medical/Dental: In this rapidly-changing market, the trend is moving more and more toward miniaturization; all instruments are getting smaller and smaller in order to be minimally invasive. This puts tougher technological and tolerance demands on manufacturers of the equipment, and our precision machining can produce components that meet these rigorous needs.

Additionally, more stable materials (i.e. Nitronic stainless steel, etc.) that are conducive to tighter tolerances are being required more and more by these industries, and we have the experience and ability to work with them. We are ISO 13485 (medical) compliant.

  • Aerospace: We have extensive experience making electronic swivel connectors and miniature connector parts used to connect the electronics inside the dashboards of military aircraft. The aerospace industry has extremely stringent requirements, and we can meet all size, tolerance, and compliance needs.
  • Electronics: We do a lot of standoff work for the computer/PC board industry—a market requiring exceptionally clean, debris-free parts. We also provide electronic connectors for many clients in the electronic fiber optic fields. Our ISO certification means we can meet the high demands of the electronics industry, no matter what they are.

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