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Machining Parts for Archery Equipment

Historians tell us that the first bow and arrow dates as far back as 2340 B.C. For over 10,000 years, archery was a vital military and hunting skill that many used to survive across the world. Today, archery has become almost an art form. Hunters continue to use a bow and arrow to conquer their next target, while every four years, Olympic archery teams aim at far-off marks, hoping to take home the gold. No matter the goal, the environment or the shooter, professional archery equipment is relied on to perform effortlessly at every turn and today’s archery manufacturers are living up to demands.

The bow and arrow you may have used at summer camp has come along way. These machines are high-tech, streamlined, powerful devices that are comprised of dozens of moving pieces. Every single machined piece in the modern bow and arrow has to be precisely engineered to allow shooters a seamless experience as they release their arrow. That’s exactly why archery and sporting goods manufacturers trust Swiss Precision Machining, LLC with vital components like the stainless steel rotation disk that’s needed in elite bow and arrows.

These small CNC Swiss Machined rotation disks enable professional archery equipment to launch an arrow with greater speed and less felt impact, making the entire experience feel smooth as silk. Archery manufacturers require quality machined pieces to continue and improve that experience for every one of their archers. At Swiss Precision Machining, LLC, we take great pride in knowing that we machine pieces that archery manufacturers can trust.

Our team packs more than 30 years of experience into every piece we machine. Our CNC Swiss Machines are finely tuned to produce archery and sporting goods pieces that perform job after job, no matter the complexity.

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