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New Year, New Machinery!

SPM 030 1-7-13Always keeping up with the constantly-changing industries of our customers, Swiss Precision Machining has several new, state-of-the-art pieces of equipment in-house. The machines are smarter, faster, and capable of machining very complex parts. They also contain gang type tool post designs and can hold four tools on each tool block — minimizing switch time between tools – saving you time and money!

As our business continues to grow, we’ve noticed a need to machine more sophisticated and complicated parts. Recently, we’ve added three Star SW20’s; a complex multi-axis machine that has the ability to machine intricate details. The machine will be used for surgical parts initially, and can be used in a number of industries.

We’ve also added two SB20’s (20 mm). Although, not as complex as the SW20, several parts with some complexity can be machined, thus giving versatility to various customers and industries.

In addition to our new machinery, Swiss Precision has two new and several SR10Js currently in use. This reliable machine is the workhorse of our business, and replaces some of the older CNCs. Updated machines feature faster computers, and have main spindle and sub-spindles – a must for today’s machining use.

For even more quality assurance than ever before, SPM now has added new vision inspection systems installed in Production and Quality Control. This is in addition to the elite vision systems in the formal Quality Control area, as well as on each line in the plant, allowing operators to be able to check the parts throughout the day.

If you have a project that requires quality, precision, and expertise, contact SPM today! We’ll find the most efficient, cost-effective way to produce your product quickly. For more information on our machines or capabilities, please visit www.spmswiss.com or call us at 847-647-7111.