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500,000 Custom Manufacturing Jobs are Beckoning

While the recession in the United States is no longer a looming reality, its repercussions are still felt across multiple industries and sectors. But on closer inspection a fascinating conundrum comes to light. On one hand people are applying to over 200 jobs a year in an attempt to secure work, and on the other there are 500,000 vacant manufacturing positions waiting for the right candidates to fill them. This is known as the Skill Gap, where qualified workers are needed to fill skilled manufacturing jobs, but the number of qualified workers isn’t high enough to meet the demand.

What Led to the Present Situation?

When the real estate and construction market tanked because of the recession, other industries were also affected. Some of the affected areas have still not recovered and thousands of people find themselves without a regular source of income. But most of these individuals do not possess the skills needed to operate the computerized machines which are the backbone of machining and custom manufacturing projects.

Millennials seem to have misconceptions about floor and factory manufacturing jobs. They envision giant oil guzzling grease dripping equipment, a hot sweaty and dirty working environment, frequent accidents and no career progress. This dismal scenario drives them in search of executive positions and office work.

In the meantime, the plummeting oil rates, increase in the minimum wage in countries like India and China, and special tax rebates have attracted a new wave of manufacturing players to the US shores. Existing factories are all set to expand and new plants are being built.

There is a pressing need for workers who either already have the skills needed to manipulate the sophisticated equipment or the aptitude to learn from the fast retiring Baby Boomers to get proficient on the job.

Custom Manufacturing is a Great Career Option:

Production has changed drastically over the past decade. It is a high paying proposition with experienced hands earning more than a respectable salary.  To promote manufacturing careers, events like Manufacturing Day are held to inspire the next generation of manufacturers and call to attention the opportunities for success that exist in the field.

At Swiss Precision Machining, LLC we support events like Manufacturing Day, and we also scout trade fairs for potential candidates and offer training programs individually as well as in conjunction with community colleges to bring aspirants up to speed.  Check out our careers page to learn more about an opportunity that may be right for you at Swiss Precision Machining, LLC. You can also fill out our employment application online.

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