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Swiss Precision Machining, LLC Careers – Q/A with Human Resources

At Swiss Precision Machining, LLC, we’ve built an incredible team of machinists, engineers, and office staff that keep our machining shop pushing forward. Many of our staff members have been with us since the early days of our founding, more than 30 years ago. Other SPM team members have taken full advantage of the ability to advance their careers and have built an incredible legacy for themselves over the years.

At the head of so many of those careers is our beloved Human Resources Manager, Althea Gregory. Read her interview below to see what makes our Chicago based machine shop the best place to work.

Who works at Swiss Precision Machining, LLC?

The hardest working people in the industry! Our staff is diverse, experienced, and dedicated to doing the job right. Amongst our more than 130 employees, we have staff with backgrounds from the United States, Romania, Vietnam, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Nigeria, Poland, Cambodia and more! The common thread linking us all is our commitment to delivering the best machining products to our manufacturing partners.

What types of careers are available?

Interested applicants can view current job openings and submit their applications online! We have a wide range of open positions, at any given time, that include Engineering, CNC Machine Operators, HAAS Machine Operators, Quality Control Inspectors, Office Staff, Secondary Operators, and Shipping Clerk positions. We’re always seeking talented staff so we encourage applicants to check back often for new career openings.

Who should apply for a career at Swiss Precision Machining, LLC?

At SPM we’re looking for people who are motivated, hard-working, and eager to learn. Some of our engineering and machine operating positions require experience with specific types of machining. Other positions, we offer on-the-job training in order to bring the right candidates up to speed. If you’re new to the world of machining or looking to advance your manufacturing career, Swiss Precision Machining, LLC likely has the right role for you.

Where is Swiss Precision Machining, LLC’s facility located?

Our machining company is located a stone’s throw from Chicago, Illinois. We recently relocated to Wheeling, Illinois to a facility that is over 82,000 square feet allowing us to grow our machining services for years to come. Many of our staff is from the Chicago area but we encourage applicants from all over Illinois and beyond to consider calling Swiss Precision Machining, LLC their home away from home.

What makes Swiss Precision Machining, LLC a better machining company to work at than others?

At SPM, we invest in our facility, our technology, and our people. It’s important to us that our machine floor stays clean and safe for everyone on it. Beyond that, we make sure staff knows they have a place to share their ideas with initiatives like our “Fishing for Ideas” campaign, rewarding hard-work with gift cards, and even having spontaneous field trips or food trucks stop by the office.

If you’d like to learn more about how to take your machining career to the next level with Swiss Precision Machining, LLC, view our open opportunities now and apply online.

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