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How We Partner With Clients

There are a lot of companies that claim they partner with their clients, but what does that actually mean? At SPM we aim to form a true partnership with every client we work with and it means a few different, but very specific things to us.


True partnership can’t be one-sided. The components of a great partnership – communication, transparency, designing for manufacturability, timeliness, and quality are things that both SPM and SPM clients bring to the table.


The most important aspect of communication is listening. If we’re a little quiet during initial conversations it’s because we’re listening. It’s our goal to not only understand the specs of a project but also our client’s needs.


At SPM, we’re transparent about our process and believe in open communication. If we have any concerns, thoughts, or suggestions, then they’ll be voiced to be sure you end up with the best possible end product.

Designing for Manufacturability (DFM)

The aforementioned communication and transparency are vital for DFM. Designing for manufacturability is how we ensure that our clients receive the end product they need at the lowest rate possible. Small tweaks to the design or the manufacturing process can make a big difference on the bottom line and the timeline.


We understand that, in many cases, time is money. So we work hard to deliver client products on time and openly communicate when unavoidable situations pop up.


We don’t succeed until our client succeeds and our client can’t succeed with below average products. Our entire manufacturing  process, from beginning to end, is designed to ensure that every product is delivered with quality. Listen to Jennifer Haupers, our Quality Control Manager discuss our passion for quality.

When Swiss Precision Machining, LLC talks about partnership, we mean working closely with our clients to deliver a quality product on time and in the most efficient way possible.   

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