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How SPM Does Quality Control

Everything we do revolves around precision and strict quality standards here at Swiss Precision Machining, LLC (SPM). We pride ourselves on our ability to provide you with perfect components for all of your project needs, so you’ll hear us use the terms quality planning, quality control, and quality assurance frequently.

Each of these concepts refers to a different part of the quality process, but today, we’re going to focus on quality control. Learn more about how we’ve provided our customers with the utmost level of quality control for over 40 years.

Understanding quality control

Quality control forms part of the quality management process and is crucial to precision machining. During quality control, the team ensures that quality requirements are being fulfilled through detailed inspection, such as measuring, examining, and testing. Sophisticated software and data, such as statistical tools, are involved in this process to monitor every part that we produce at SPM.

Back in November, Gabriela Baker, a lead quality control inspector at SPM, whose favorite part of her job is “everything I do,” gave us some insight into the Quality Control department. When asked what quality control means at SPM, Baker said, “Everything starts with getting the setup done correctly.”

This includes establishing the acceptance quality level (AQL) and doing a visual inspection before the parts go to finishing. “We use proven methods for checking and inspecting, and we excel at every stage in the process.”

The importance of teamwork

At SPM, the entire Quality Control department is incredibly passionate about ensuring that every SPM customer gets exactly what they want. “Everybody here is really good at their job and so unique at what they do,” said Baker. Boasting excellence in every aspect of quality control, the team “especially excel[s] at measurement and visual inspection.”

In this competitive industry, SPM’s owners also credit our company’s success to the laser-sharp focus on producing high-quality parts, in addition to our fantastic customers and dedicated employees. Moreover, as a company, we value and make a point of investing in anything that will help us improve the quality of our products.

“Quality control is a way of life,” said Quality Control Manager Jennifer Haupers, in honor of the company’s 40th anniversary in 2020. “We want to ensure that what we’re sending to our customers is exactly what they want. That it’s precise. That it’s at that standard that they are looking for. It’s something we’re very passionate about. We’re proud to put our products in front of people and say, ‘This is what we make.’”

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