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How SPM Defines Dental Machining

Alongside the extensive amount of work SPM does within the medical industry, we also create complex parts and components for the dental industry, such as dental abutments, devices, implants, and instruments. SPM has formed a part of the dental precision machining industry for decades, allowing us to establish ourselves as a leader and authority figure.

Thanks to our state-of-the-art equipment, expert team of experienced engineers and machinists, and meticulous quality control processes, we are able to craft perfectly manufactured dental parts and components for our clients. Learn more about our work within the dental industry and how SPM’s expertise helps to define this subsect of precision machining.

Precision dental machining at SPM

We have both the certifications and equipment to handle just about any dental machining projects a client may have. With our Swiss CNC machines, SPM crafts parts, tools, screws, and other types of precision components used by dentists and oral surgeons. The ability to machine at tight tolerances allows us to produce all different kinds of micro-machined parts and dental components for our clients.

One such example is dental implants, or replacement teeth, which are shaped like screws and attached to an abutment, or supporting structure. Abutments are used for a number of different things, such as crowns and dentures.

With years of experience, competitive pricing, and a high-quality product guaranteed, SPM is recognized as an industry leader and innovator in dental precision machining—allowing us to help define the standards and set the bar high for the industry as a whole. You can see it in our machined implants that are widely used by professionals every day, thanks to their sleek and precise cut that make them so comfortable to use.

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