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Fresh Ideas and Collaboration Top ‘Customer Wants’ List

We’ve always believed that offering our customers the type of service and solutions that go the extra mile is a “win-win” scenario for everyone involved. A recent article on Inc.com, 10 Things Every Customer Wants, confirms our beliefs.

Author Geoffrey James cites new research explaining why customers buy from one vendor rather than another. Topping the list is a seller’s ability to offer a fresh perspective and new ideas, something we never hesitate to do for our customers.  We have customers who are constantly changing their products, and before they redesign anything, they consult with us. We help them answer questions like “Do we really need certain attributes on parts?” and “Are there any alternatives that could help us reduce costs?” – questions that help them get the results they need. This type of teamwork and collaboration is part of the standard customer service we offer. (Coincidentally, “collaboration” is number two on the “customer wants” list…)

Customers also want “personal connections” with vendors, according to the research. The article states, “Ultimately, every selling situation involves making a connection between two individuals who like and trust each other…” We are accessible to our customers at all times – even during our summer shutdown – and our customers know they can call us at any time. By providing this accessibility and by adding a personal touch in all of our business interactions, we’re able to easily keep open the lines of communication with our customers, and a mutual respect and trust builds from there.

“Understanding ALL the customer’s needs” is another “want” cited in the research, and we take the time to do this too. From the very beginning of any project, we tend to “dig deep” with our customers, helping them identify solutions that meet their needs. When a customer sends us one part to work with, we realize there may be 100 other parts in the assembly. We ask a lot of important questions to better understand what’s behind each request, such as why certain dimensions are important, etc. Our customers appreciate this ongoing “exploratory process” that’s part of our service, and it guarantees that we’re all on the same page so that we get results that make everyone happy – and being happy is something we all want!

We like to say, “If you make the part better than the print, the customer will always be happy.”

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