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In business for over 40 years, Swiss Precision Machining is here to assist you through every phase of your project—from planning, concept design, and engineering to production, assembly, and delivery. Our reputation for quality is no mistake.

Our Mission


SPM’s mission is to craft immaculate, high-quality components through industry-leading technology and genuine experience. We strive for excellence daily as we machine the parts and pieces companies and industries need to be their best for tomorrow. We hold ourselves to the absolute highest of standards, and we’re ready to change the world—one precision part at a time.

Core Quality


Quality emanates throughout our entire staff, from our engineers and management to machinists and Quality Assurance specialists. On-time performance, continuous improvement, and employee engagement are a few of the primary ways SPM has become an industry leader. Our strict quality standards include paying careful attention to vision systems, calibration techniques, laboratory testing, self-automated assembly machines, surface-finish measuring instruments, and concentricity gages.


SPM Was Founded

Swiss Precision Machining first opened its doors with two employees and two machines.


Family Joins Forces

Within just two years, five members of the Haupers family joined forces at SPM.


Growth Begins

The business grew into a second building, with 25 employees and 22 CAM machines.


Onto Bigger & Better Things

SPM moved into a 29,000-square-foot facility in Niles, IL, to house its 50 employees and over 40 machines.


Discovering the Future

The company adopted its first CNC Swiss machine and vertical machine center.


ISO is Everything

SPM became ISO 9001:2015 certified, making its mark in quality and growing its team to 98 employees.


True Success is Earned

SPM made another leap into a larger 83,000-square-foot facility, bringing on even more machining staff, technology, and equipment, as well as achieving ISO 13485:2016 certification.


A Global Movement

SPM joined forces with Vander-Bend Manufacturing, significantly increasing the company’s combined capabilities and service offering to its core medical and other customers.


Talented People


SQ. FT. Facility


Precision Machines

Work at SPM


SPM is always looking for motivated individuals who would like to further their precision machining career—or learn about how to join this unique and rewarding industry. Click the button below to view our Careers page and browse all available opportunities. We look forward to hearing from you!

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  • Making an Impact at Work Matters

    At SPM, we take great pride in having a positive impact on the world around us. On a grand scale, this includes micromachining life-saving medical components and tools, while on a local level, it means providing a supportive work environment and culture for our employees. Don’t just take our word for it, however—let some of

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  • What Is Medical Micromachining?

    As a leader in machined medical components, we have learned to set the bar by prioritizing continued education and specialization in different areas of medical and dental part manufacturing. From different machinery to techniques, SPM sets the standard. On a global scale, the demand for smaller and smaller components continues to increase, but we’re ready.

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  • Our Long-Term Employees Share What Makes SPM Special

    If you’re looking to jumpstart a career in manufacturing or become a part of an industry leader in precision machining, SPM is the place to be. Offering hands-on training and continuing education opportunities, our highly experienced team members will help get you up to speed on all things SPM, including the latest in precision machining

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  • Why The Medical Industry Relies On ISO Standards

    In the world of precision machining, one of the top industries we create feature-rich parts for is the medical industry. To ensure high-quality, uniform components, there are various certifications that must be obtained, which include specific certifications through the International Organization for Standardization (ISO).  While there are some ISO certifications that pertain to machining and

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  • How Design for Manufacturing Affects Quality Control

    With every project we work on, a crucial part of SPM’s process is Design for Manufacturing, or DFM. Incorporating DFM into our workflow ensures customer satisfaction, which is at the top of our priority list. Learn more about what Design for Manufacturing stands for and how it affects quality control—another major pillar of our process.

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  • Meet Jim Davis: Willemin-Macodel USA’s Applications Manager

    Here at Swiss Precision Machining (SPM), we started our shop over 40 years ago with just two Swiss-style cam machines. Today, we boast over 70 Swiss-turn machines—in addition to state-of-the-art specialty machines made by another well-known supplier and innovator of precision machinery, Willemin-Macodel. From the Willemin 408MT models to our newer acquisition, the Willemin 508MT2,

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  • How SPM Does Quality Control

    Everything we do revolves around precision and strict quality standards here at Swiss Precision Machining, LLC (SPM). We pride ourselves on our ability to provide you with perfect components for all of your project needs, so you’ll hear us use the terms quality planning, quality control, and quality assurance frequently. Each of these concepts refers

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  • Precision Manufacturing: Built On Diversity

    Swiss Precision Machining, LLC thrives on diversity. We are a team of people from many backgrounds with a wide variety of perspectives. We depend on each other for creative solutions, and are inspired by the dedication each person brings to their work and to our clients. We’d like to take a minute to introduce you

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  • SPM Defines Medical Standards

    As a leader in medical and dental machining and manufacturing, our precision parts and components are expertly crafted at tight tolerances on state-of-the-art machines to ensure high-quality output every time. With passionate dedication and expertise to the high precision machining industry, Swiss Precision Machining (SPM) is defining medical standards within the industry. From the machinery

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  • Dental Implants Offer Quality Of Life

    People lose teeth for a variety of reasons: gum disease, cavities, accidents. Tooth loss affects speech, eating ability, and appearance. Severe tooth loss can be painful and impact a person’s overall health and psychological well-being. It’s often accompanied by underlying infections from injuries or serious illness and lack of access to proper dental care.  Scott’s

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We are the future of precision machining.

Precision is the name and heart of our company. We have earned that title through every facet of our business. Our customers have come to trust in our precision machining capabilities across the world. We look forward to building a relationship together.