Plastic Flush Plug

Swiss Precision Machining specializes in machining plastic components that meet the stringent requirements of the medical industry. Our industry knowledge and skill won us the contract for manufacturing these PTFE flush plugs. The specifications for this .240″ diameter by .075″ wide component called for tolerances of +.001/-.0005 on the dimensions, as well as hole position specifications.

Services Performed

Planning & Engineering

CNC Swiss Screw Machining

Finishing & Coating

To fabricate the part, we utilized our advanced CNC screw machining equipment. This state-of-the-art capability enabled us to rapidly fabricate the part while maintaining strict dimensional and positioning accuracy. In-process vision systems ensured quality was maintained throughout the entire manufacturing process. We executed a deburring process to eliminate any trace of unwanted material, then additional gauge and visual inspections further validated the quality and integrity of these parts.

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