Housing Adapter

At Swiss Precision Machining, LLC, we specialize in providing innovative solutions for producing intricately detailed parts for almost any application. The stainless steel housing adapter pictured here was manufactured for a customer in the aerospace industry and featured over 60 different dimensions.

Services Performed

Planning & Engineering

CNC Swiss Screw Machining

Finishing & Coating

Our state-of-the-art 11-axis CNC swiss-type screw machines enabled multiple features to be machined simultaneously, and careful planning and tool selection further streamlined the manufacturing process. We fabricated the 1.16″ long, 0.440 O.D. parts from 303 stainless steel, chosen because of their ability to maintain stability even when subject to heavy machining. This project required very tight tolerances; the customer required ±.0005″ for all dimensions and a 32 micro finish. The finished parts were then electropolished to impart enhanced corrosion protection.

Well-planned and meticulously executed quality inspections ensured that each feature of this part met or exceeded the customer's specifications. We successfully manufactured 10,000 of these adapters in a short 6-8 week turnaround.

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