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CNC Swiss Machining

At Swiss Precision Machining, LLC, we specialize in two methods of CNC Machining – Swiss, and Vertical Machining. Today, we’ll take a look at what CNC Swiss machining is and how you can benefit from our usage of Swiss machining.

What is CNC Swiss Machining?

CNC Swiss Machining involves the use of a Swiss-style lathe. These lathes hold the bar stock in place with a collet and guide brushing. The tools are right up against the guide bushing which gives us the ability to hold tight tolerances. Our CNC Swiss machines can handle a variety of materials, from stainless steel to titanium, aluminum, and even plastics. Our machines also feature automatic bar loading for high-volume runs.

CNC Swiss Machining handles a number of processes. Our machines at Swiss Precision Machining, LLC provide drilling, boring, knurling, turning, and milling capabilities. They can also run through threading processes such as external thread cutting, tapping, thread rolling and single point threading. Overall, CNC Swiss Machining is used for intricate, highly complex machining as well as some simpler turned products.

The Advantages of CNC Swiss Machining

The advantages of Swiss-style lathes are they are both accurate and quick. They can hold tolerances as small as a few ten thousands of an inch, making them perfect for applications that require the same measurements, all the time. They can also produce simple parts with low cycle times, as little as 10 second depending on the part. Our advanced machinery can produce intricate and complex shapes, as well as standard shapes.

Industries and Applications

CNC Swiss Machining is a great idea for a variety of industries, particularly ones that require tight tolerances, like medical and surgical uses, aerospace, fiber optics and electronics. The machining can be used to produce pneumatic parts, surgical devices, fiber optic connectors, and fluid motion parts. All of it is done up to industry standards – we are ISO 9001:2008 certified for quality management.

So let Swiss Precision Machining, LLC take care of your CNC Swiss Machining and CNC Vertical Machining needs. Either system can be used to match your machining needs, for small projects or large ones, for prototypes or production runs.

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