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CNC swiss laser machining

20 Jan: SPM Offers CNC Swiss Laser Machining

Swiss Precision Machining Inc. is a Chicago based machining business. Since their start in 1979 SPM Swiss has always worked to maintain the highest levels of quality and stay on the forefront of technology. Likely the reason they have made such an impact on the industry and still have clients today from their start almost 40 years ago. Their machines offer a vast amount of manufacturing capabilities including milling, turning, drilling, boring, knurling, threading, and contouring, to name a few….

09 Feb: The Medical Industry is Growing & Swiss Precision Machining is Ready

Unprecedented demand for medical equipment and healthcare services are forecasted for the very near future. In fact, the medical industry is booming, and is considered to be “recession-proof” because of its importance. The aging population is probably one of the most significant trends affecting the medical industry right now. Recent news reports quote U.S. Census Bureau statistics and forecasts stating that by the year 2020, the number of people between the ages of 65 and 74 will increase 74 percent….

09 Mar: CNC Swiss Machining

At Swiss Precision Machining, we specialize in two methods of CNC Machining – Swiss, and Vertical Machining. Today, we’ll take a look at what CNC Swiss machining is and how you can benefit from our usage of Swiss machining. What is CNC Swiss Machining? CNC Swiss Machining involves the use of a Swiss-style lathe. These lathes hold the bar stock in place with a collet and guide brushing. The tools are right up against the guide bushing which gives us…

12 Jan: Fiber Optic Collimator Sales Soar

According to a study initiated by the ElectroniCast Consultants, U.S.A fiber optic collimator sales are expected to surge over a five year period from 2013 right through to 2018. The hard numbers say that the average spike every year can be as high as 45%. This phenomenal growth mustn’t be viewed in isolation as it doesn’t do justice to the real impetus behind the sudden expansion. Collimators are an integral part of any fibre optic assembly! Be it a modulator…

21 Jul: Growth in the Surgical Device Market & Minimally Invasive Procedures

At Swiss Precision Machining, our capabilities include applications within the medical device industry. By utilizing the latest technology in CNC Swiss Style Screw Machines and CNC Vertical Machining Centers, we are able to stay competitive while still offering quality products. We’re proud to be involved in this most-important of industries. As such, we follow developments within it very closely. Below, a sampling of the latest trends: The Surgical Equipment Market Is Growing The market for surgical handheld instruments has recently…

23 Jan: Precision Machining, No matter What the Industry

Our 30+ years of precision machining experience means we are the go-to choice for countless clients in a number of industries. In fact, it may surprise some to know that our technology and services are utilized for applications ranging from aerospace parts to dental equipment (and lots in between!) So what makes us capable of this, and how exactly do these industries benefit from our services? Well, beyond our years of finely honed experience, our meticulous focus on quality, and…

19 Dec: CNC Swiss Machining Vs. CNC Vertical Machining

Oftentimes, customers in need of our services have questions about the difference between CNC Swiss machining and CNC vertical machining. They wonder how similar they are, and which is right for them. While there are distinct advantages and applications for both types of CNC machining, they are actually completely different processes, and choosing which one depends on the specific job. CNC Swiss machining involves the use of a Swiss-style screw machine, running off bar stock to typically create a cylindrical…