A look inside SPM at the people, technology, and process behind our work
SPM manufacturing engineer

11 Sep: Meet SPM Manufacturing Engineer — Peter Raucci

Manufacturing drives the world around us. Many of the highest tech industries can legitimately say that they are moving at the speed of manufacturing. Each day in a modern manufacturing plant is supersonic, complex, and innovative. At the center of all this productive energy is the manufacturing engineer. On any given day, manufacturing engineers are expected to provide expertise in the entire production process from first quote to finished piece. In short, it’s a challenge from beginning to end —…

manufacturing career cnc machining

18 Jun: A Manufacturing Career at SPM Offers Personal and Professional Growth

As famous as the Disney company is now, there was a time when they were struggling to make ends meet. But Walt was convinced that investing in his employees would give him the edge he needed to set the standard in animation. “The first thing I did when I got a little money to experiment,” Walt recalled, “I put all my artists back in school.” Walt was an unconventional thinker for his day. A generation or two ago, career paths…

Stephanie LaVezzi joins SPM

24 Feb: SPM Welcomes New Sales Manager Stephanie LaVezzi

As we celebrate our 40th year in business, Swiss Precision Machining is pleased to announce that Stephanie LaVezzi has joined the company as our new Sales Manager. Stephanie comes to SPM from LaVezzi Precision where she had been developing and growing their medical machining business since 1992. Stephanie began her sales career at the company that her great-grandfather founded in 1908. When she started, they were focused on manufacturing high precision machined components for the motion picture industry. Stephanie was…

40 Years of Precision Machining

28 Jan: Celebrating 40 Years of Machining Excellence

Back in 1979 gas was 88 cents a gallon, a newspaper would set you back two dimes, and you could buy a 1971 used Ford Pinto for $750. Also in 1979, Swiss Precision Machining was founded by Mike Haupers with two machines and two employees. Mike had grown up in the business. His father was a dental instrument maker who had “magic hands” and ran a machine shop out of their basement. When Mike started SPM, he had been machining…

Meet Brittany at SPM

30 Nov: Customer Satisfaction is Paramount to Our Success

Meet production engineer, Brittany Johnson. Discover what drives her passion and how customer satisfaction is paramount to our success. Brittany’s passion for her work helps ensure our products are of the highest quality our customers have come to expect. Brittany shares how her interest in machining stems back to her childhood. After graduating college, she chose to continue to pursue that interest at Swiss Precision Machining. We are pleased to hear that Brittany has been able to achieve success at…

mPM working at SPM

28 Aug: Working At SPM

We sat down with a long time employee, Jon Baker, to get his take on working at SPM and we have to say, we appreciate his kind words. Jon speaks to our commitment to our employees and the growth of Swiss Precision Machining. We’ve been in business for nearly 40 years and to echo Jon’s words, we hope to be in business for 40 more. If you’d like to join the SPM team, visit our open job listings.

SPM employment meet Jen

17 Apr: Meet Jen Haupers of Swiss Precision Machining

Jen Haupers grew up with machining in her life. We sat down with her to discuss her background, SPM’s definition of quality, and how she sees technology fitting into the future of the business. As Swiss Precision Machining’s Quality Control Manager, Jen Haupers is committed to providing SPM clients with quality products. “It’s something that I’m very passionate about. I love knowing that what I’m sending to somebody is working for them. I never want to send them something they’re disappointed…

Meet the Staff: Joe Haupers

12 Mar: Meet Joe Haupers of Swiss Precision Machining

Joe Haupers has been part of the SPM legacy since the beginning. We sat down with Joe to discuss his history with the company and discovered so much more. In the early days of SPM, Joe spent his days working in the office and his evenings working the machines. He’s held many positions within the company and currently holds the position of Sales Director. Though times and titles have changed, the core of what makes Swiss Precision Machining great hasn’t….

SPM signage in Chicago office

26 Oct: Swiss Precision Machining Careers – Q/A with Human Resources

At Swiss Precision Machining, we’ve built an incredible team of machinists, engineers, and office staff that keep our machining shop pushing forward. Many of our staff members have been with us since the early days of our founding, more than 30 years ago. Other SPM team members have taken full advantage of the ability to advance their careers and have built an incredible legacy for themselves over the years. At the head of so many of those careers is our…

Self driving cars

14 Sep: Driving Innovation – Driving Automation Technology and SPM

In 1962, America met The Jetsons. This family of futuristic travelers stole the hearts of millions, over 40 years ago. Most people wouldn’t have dreamed that the lives of George, Judy, Jane, and Elroy weren’t as far away as they seemed. While we aren’t jet setting through space yet, car technology is evolving at the speed of light with the recent launch of several self-driving vehicles, and SPM is keeping a close eye on this impressive new industry. Over the…