dental industry

  • Shaping Quality Dentistry for Over 40 Years

    Mike Haupers, President of Swiss Precision Machining, LLC, has been machining dental tools since he was in the seventh grade. His father was a dental instrument maker and ran a machine shop out of their basement. There, Mike learned what it meant to make a quality dental instrument and SPM’s long history of dental tool

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  • Gingival Recession Bows to the Chao Pinhole Technique

    The gingival recession is not a chronic disease. However it is capable of marring the beauty and perfection of a smile resulting in exposed roots of teeth. It is a common problem in individuals over the age of 40 and it has been estimated that almost half the adults in the United States suffer from

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  • Teeth, Technology and The Dental Industry

    Times are changing, and the dental industry is paying attention! According to a recent article on, “three primary factors — economics, demand, and supply — will converge to shape the industry’s future.” The article also reveals that by 2025, patient demographics will be greatly changed: Census data shows that the number of people ages

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