Engineering medical machined parts

08 Jul: Planning and Engineering Medical Machined Parts

Medical device design and manufacturing requires expertise in three engineering disciplines: mechanical, electrical, and software. As a provider of medical machined parts, we operate within the mechanical engineering discipline. The planning stages of medical device design include research and discovery, specification development, prototyping, and documented testing. We work with our customers throughout all phases of the design and production process to ensure that the end product is safe, effective, innovative, and successful. Developing precision parts for medical devices is one…


24 May: What is Medical Device Manufacturing?

The global market for medical devices is expected to reach $543.9B in revenue by 2020. With the move toward minimally invasive surgery and micro-machined parts, medical device manufacturing is expected to experience growth for years to come. The medical technology industry invests heavily in research and development to keep up with the innovation and constant pressure for improvement. About Medical Device Manufacturing Medical devices are essential in countries with aging populations like the United States and Japan. In addition to demographics,…

working at SPM meet Althea

22 May: More Than Machining: Meet Althea

In this edition of “More Than Machining: A Look Inside SPM”, we talk to Althea Gregory, Human Resources Manager at Swiss Precision Machining. Althea joined SPM in 1997 and has been with the company for more than 21 years. There are few people better qualified to give an inside look at life inside SPM. Althea’s job is to make sure that open positions are filled with the very best employees so that SPM can serve their customers well. She and…

passivation tanks used to protect against corrosion

16 Apr: Passivation Protects Against Corrosion

Corrosion The word corrode comes from the Latin “corrodo which means ‘I gnaw (to pieces)’, from cor- (‘completely’) + rodo (‘I gnaw’). According to the Google dictionary, corrode means to “destroy or damage slowly by chemical action”. Certainly, no one wants to see that happen to an important metal component part of a critical device, machine, or structure. It’s why passivation is important. According to ASM International, the “corrosion of steel reinforcing bar (rebar) in concrete can proceed out of…

Precision Medical Machining

22 Mar: Precision Medical Machining

Precision medical machining requires strict quality control, highly skilled programmers and operators, and rigorous attention to detail. Our team of expert precision machinists has decades of experience completing the most advanced, intricate and complex projects in the medical device industry. Precision Medical Machining The medical breakthroughs of our generation have happened, in part, because of the sophisticated devices that precision medical machining makes possible. We manufacturer component parts that improve people’s quality of life, allowing them to live longer, healthier,…

robotic surgery requires precisely machined parts

18 Jan: Precision Parts for Robotic Surgery

Ask Colleen Shirey and she’ll tell you that robotic surgery is the only way to go. Robotically-assisted surgical devices are changing the experience of surgery for both doctors and patients with minimally invasive, robot assisted technology. Robotic surgical systems allow surgeons to work through a few small incisions using tiny instruments and precise motion control inside the patient’s body. When Colleen needed surgery on her mitral valve because of an infection, her doctor recommended using a robotic surgical system. Her…

Meet Brittany at SPM

30 Nov: Customer Satisfaction is Paramount to Our Success

Meet production engineer, Brittany Johnson. Discover what drives her passion and how customer satisfaction is paramount to our success. Brittany’s passion for her work helps ensure our products are of the highest quality our customers have come to expect. Brittany shares how her interest in machining stems back to her childhood. After graduating college, she chose to continue to pursue that interest at Swiss Precision Machining. We are pleased to hear that Brittany has been able to achieve success at…

mPM working at SPM

28 Aug: Working At SPM

We sat down with a long time employee, Jon Baker, to get his take on working at SPM and we have to say, we appreciate his kind words. Jon speaks to our commitment to our employees and the growth of Swiss Precision Machining. We’ve been in business for nearly 40 years and to echo Jon’s words, we hope to be in business for 40 more. If you’d like to join the SPM team, visit our open job listings.