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American Made: Employment in Manufacturing

After a very difficult and devastating recession, it does appear that the American economy is beginning to gain some traction.  Although things are turning positive in many aspects, it still is a struggle in some sectors.  In manufacturing, there are signs of not only an uptick in orders, but also some signs that there is going to be a revival of the U.S. manufacturing base throughout the country. This positive trend of employment in manufacturing is exciting to see.

Swiss Precision Machining, LLC believes in this revival and believes it will happen especially if the skills gap – the gap of qualified manufacturing workers are available to match the number of open jobs in industrial companies and factories.  Not willing to stand on the sidelines and watch, we have been actively working with local high school students to show them about our manufacturing processes and the skills needed to perform them.

On high school career days, you’ll find a Swiss Precision Machining, LLC booth set up.  This gives our employees a chance to tell students more about employment in manufacturing and to answer their questions.  On occasion, we’ll host a tour of our facilities for students from local high schools to come and chat more about what we do and what opportunities there are for graduating seniors.

As well, we like to also work with college students who are interested a career in manufacturing.  We’ve found that many students who are in college can quickly adapt to programming and set up of our CNC machines.

Together, with companies that offer training, students eager to work in a manufacturing environment, and with additional education on the job, the industrial sector will continue to grow and provide satisfying careers for many more Americans while producing those parts and components needed by our domestic industries.

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