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Willemin SPM Machine
Meet Jim Davis: Willemin-Macodel USA’s Applications Manager

Here at Swiss Precision Machining (SPM), we started our shop over 40 years ago with just two Swiss-style cam machines. Today, we boast over 70 Swiss-turn machines—in addition to state-of-the-art specialty machines made by another well-known supplier and innovator of precision machinery, Willemin-Macodel. From the Willemin 408MT models to our newer acquisition, the Willemin 508MT2, discover what this relationship means to both Willemin-Macodel and SPM through the eyes of Willemin-Macodel USA’s Applications Manager Jim Davis. A conversation with Jim Davis…

Willemin Q & A
An Engineer Talks About The Willemin 408MT

The Willemin 408MT is a multi-process machining center dedicated to machining parts with complex geometry from bar stock or slugs. We spent a few minutes talking with Willemin expert, Scott Goudie, to learn why the Willemin is so efficient and what advantages it brings to SPM’s customers. When did you get your first Willemin? Exactly 2 years ago in 2018. We were trying to get into some of the more intricate medical parts. It gives us a little better edge…

Willemin 408MT
From The Willemin 408 MT To The Human Body

Severe scoliosis, left untreated, leads to significant spinal deformity resulting in pain and damage to internal organs. It is caused by an abnormal development of the bones of the spine and nearly always requires surgery. The surgical treatment for scoliosis begins in our shop in Wheeling, IL. Our work starts with the spinal hooks, bone screws, and implants that must be made with body-friendly, but often difficult to machine materials. Before bones in the spinal column are attached to a…

The Willemin for precision parts
The Willemin Capabilities

Earlier this year, we acquired a Willemin Precision Machining Center – Model 408MT and trained our team on all of its capabilities. Watch one of our employees walk you through all the Willemin can do!

a close-up view of the Willemin interior
The Willemin and What it Means for Medical Machining

In no other industry is precision more necessary than in the medical and surgical fields. In many cases, the parts manufactured by Swiss Precision Machining, LLC are used in life saving procedures. We have a long history with high precision medical parts machining. Our roots are in dental and medical and we were on the leading edge in the early 2000s, manufacturing parts for the da Vinci® Surgical System, a robot-assisted minimally invasive surgery (MIS) platform. Our history in medical…

Photo of CNC Swiss machining parts by SPM with title that says "Life-Saving Parts: Medical Micromachining"
What Is Medical Micromachining?

As a leader in machined medical components, we have learned to set the bar by prioritizing continued education and specialization in different areas of medical and dental part manufacturing. From different machinery to techniques, SPM sets the standard. On a global scale, the demand for smaller and smaller components continues to increase, but we’re ready. There’s no part too small for our team, thanks to our collective experience in medical micromachining. It’s time to learn more about medical micromachining and…

SPM Defines Medical Standards
SPM Defines Medical Standards

As a leader in medical and dental machining and manufacturing, our precision parts and components are expertly crafted at tight tolerances on state-of-the-art machines to ensure high-quality output every time. With passionate dedication and expertise to the high precision machining industry, Swiss Precision Machining (SPM) is defining medical standards within the industry. From the machinery we use and the parts we produce to our engineering and quality control processes, including our ISO 13485:2016 certification, learn more about how SPM is…

orthopedic implants
Medical Implants For Pediatric Orthopedics

Osteogenesis imperfecta (OI), more commonly known as brittle bone disease, is a genetic disorder that causes soft bones. Children with this condition have bones that break easily or don’t form normally and they usually experience multiple bone fractures during their lifetime. Recent advances in pediatric orthopedic implants are improving the quality of life for these children. The story of Ismael illustrates the challenges children born with OI face. He suffered his first broken bone when he was 13 months old…

40 Years of Precision Machining
Celebrating 40 Years of Machining Excellence

Back in 1979 gas was 88 cents a gallon, a newspaper would set you back two dimes, and you could buy a 1971 used Ford Pinto for $750. Also in 1979, Swiss Precision Machining, LLC was founded by Mike Haupers with two machines and two employees. Mike had grown up in the business. His father was a dental instrument maker who had “magic hands” and ran a machine shop out of their basement. When Mike started SPM, he had been…

manufacturing industry mid year check-in
Manufacturing Industry Mid Year Check-In

We’re just over halfway through 2018 and we thought it’d be a great time to revisit our old post What Manufacturers Need to Know in 2018. In addition to revisiting some of those themes, we took on a few topics that have been mentioned in the news recently. Technology & Innovation: Earlier this year, we made the claim that investing in technology and innovation was key to being competitive in manufacturing and we took our own advice by investing in…