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We Started in the Dental Industry….Now Look Where We Are!

Swiss Precision Machining manufactures products for a diverse range of applications in several industries including medical, dental, aerospace, and automotive production.

Originally, we specialized in the dental industry producing specialized products requiring the utmost precision and quality. So from the beginning, we were dealing with tight tolerances, tough materials, and working with customers who required their products to look aesthetically pleasing. Working within strict perimeters has given SPM the know-how to set high standards for every project we have done from that day forward.

For example, we’ve completed projects for customers in the communications/computer industries that required the usage of very high-volume parts. As the experts, it’s our job to ensure that customers selling to computer giants like Apple, Hewlett Packard, and IBM receive products crafted with the most meticulous accuracy (since they will be used in computers and fiber optic stations across the country).

Since expanding into the medical and surgical fields, these fast-moving, multi-billion dollar industries have become about 65-75% of our business. The fields are rapidly-changing, so they keep us at the forefront of technology and new trends. All of our new products are custom and made-to-order, so our systems are updated on a consistent basis.

Swiss Precision Machining knows complex, and intricate parts with tight tolerances from the inside out. If you have a project that requires quality, precision, and expertise, contact us so we can find the most efficient and cost-effective way to produce your product quickly. For more information on our machines or capabilities at Swiss Precision Machining, please visit www.spmswiss.com or call us at 847-647-7111.