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Swiss Precision Machining: Then and Now

SPM is all about precision machining. We produce products that are high in quality, and reasonably priced. We’ve been in business for 30 years, and have experienced considerable growth in the quantity and quality of our machining.

In 1979, Swiss Precision Machining operated out of a small facility in Chicago with a limited quantity of machines. Initially, the company specialized in manufacturing aesthetically appealing parts for the dental industry, but soon realized the need to diversify to additional industries in order to remain competitive. With time and the progression of the business, the company now owns 70 extremely efficient machines with the most technologically advanced software. Currently we have machines in house with up to 12-axis, allowing multiple operations to be machined at once:

  • CNC Swiss Style Screw Machines
    • These machines run parts out of bar stock, and produce a wide variety of products including the most intricately detailed parts. They are multi-axis, and in most cases will not require another operation.
    • CNC Vertical Machining Centers
      •  Our Machining Centers make parts from castings, forgings or plates.
      • This Palletizing System has several parts on a fixture, and saves time by machining multiple parts simultaneously.
      • Secondary Equipment
        • If a part does not come off the machine complete, secondary equipment will do a machining process to finish it. Our secondary equipment includes threadrolling, knurling equipment, swaging equipment, special application equipment and light assembly.

At Swiss Precision Machining, we have the capabilities to machine a wide array of materials, including Stainless Steel, Cold Rolled, Brass, Nitronic, and a wide variety of plastics to mention a few. Our high-quality equipment is also capable of holding extremely tight tolerances. For more information on the machines or capabilities at Swiss Precision Machining, please visit www.spmswiss.com or call us at 847-647-7111.