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Swiss Has State-of-the Art Machinery

Swiss Precision Machining prides themselves in their ability to produce intricately detailed parts by using the most technologically savvy machinery for customers. Our in-house machines go up to 12-axis, which allows multiple operations to be completed simultaneously, for a variety of different materials. We use the most efficient software, and adopt the most technologically advanced practices.

At Swiss, we have 55 Swiss Style Screw Machines that produce intricate Precision Swiss Products from bar stock. These multi-axis machines allow for drilling, boring, threading, tapping, slotting and end-milling operations to mention a few. This time-efficient process does back-work while you’re starting your next part, saving valuable cycle time.

Our seven CNC Vertical Machining Centers do piece work that does not run off of bar stock; they can be used for machining plates, forgings, castings, etc. These machining centers are great for medical forgings with the most intricate details.

The 33 pieces of secondary equipment at Swiss Precision Machining are all capable of numerous operations including thread rolling. Thread rolling rolls the form of the thread into the parts. Parts that have been thread rolled are much stronger than threads that are cut, because the dies already have the impression of the thread on them.

Our machinery can be used on a number of stainless steel materials including 303, 440A, Nitronic 60, 416, 17-4PH and numerous other materials, at a tolerance of +-.0001. For more information on how you can take advantage of Swiss Precision Machining state-of-the art equipment, please call us today! 847-647-7111.